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Domestic Six Strand Natural Flax Twine

The highest quality Natural Flax Twine we've ever found! Manufactured in America to military specifications for use by the U.S. Army (they won't tell us what they use it for!) Superior to cotton because it does not stretch and it’s thinner, allowing better paper to paper contact during the outer paste wrap stage. In combination with premium virgin kraft and real wheat paste, it contributes to a thinner, more brittle shell casing which helps your shells “pop” open rather than “poof” open. This "mil spec" natural twine undergoes 8 inspections during it's manufacture and is the absolute best we've ever found.

- Color: Unbleached, Natural Brown
- Break Strength: 38 lbs.

Product Price
6 strand flax twine, 1 lb. spool (600 yards / 1800 feet) $26.88 Add to Cart